At Solid Rock, we desire to see more people welcomed in to know the love of Christ, live in community with one another and share the Gospel in our community and beyond. Though God's church is not contained in buildings, we're excited to see how God will use the space in our new building to grow His church! 


Weekly New Building Update- 2/14/19

AVL Updates

  • The elders have asked contractor to obtain an additional AVL proposal from 4 Stage Sound

Replat Updates

  • City is reviewing the flood plain lines; we may need to delineate the flood plain again as per city request
  • City and drainage engineer don’t think we will need detention pond or out fall structures 
  • We need a new drainage study (at contractor’s expense); this will increase timeframe 3 weeks but could save church $40K-$50K by removing the need for detention pond and out fall structures
  • Engineer still needs utility revisions and locations from Architect / Contractor 


  • Contractor will meet with Oncor Monday at 9:00am to verify final power line locations 
  • Oncor will need to provide exact power pole locations to civil engineer for setting easement 
  • Contractor is going to engage design/build septic company to start working on design for new aerobic septic system for approval by Tarrant County.
  • Engineer and Architect need to verify final details for the location of the future water line for fire hydrants. We will most likely be installing a 6” water line with hydrants along the new fire lane parking area from Verna trail to White Settlement Rd. 


  • Engineer has received cad file from surveyor; they still need to verify property corners on site 
  • Architect still needs the surveyors to verify the building elevations before finalizing the finished floor elevation of the new building; Contractor will have surveyors reshoot those elevations 

Design Updates

  • Architect has not received structural engineering drawings; they are promised by Wed, 2/20
  • Need to set up interior design meetings when permit for construction is submitted