At Solid Rock, we desire to see more people welcomed in to know the love of Christ, live in community with one another and share the Gospel in our community and beyond. Though God's church is not contained in buildings, we're excited to see how God will use the space in our new building to grow His church! 




New Building Update- 9/12/19


  • Lead Staff has met twice with the interior decorator. Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 17. During this meeting, we should receive samples of our interior textures and colors. We plan to display these samples in the new entry/hallway to the nursery and toddler area from the east porch.


  • The elders have signed and closed on the interim loan.

Replat Updates

  • The replat process is complete and filed with the City of Fort Worth as of Thursday, September 12.
  • The grading permit is ready to be picked up by the contractor.

Transitional Planning 

  • We have completed the remodeling of our current facilities in order to be able to navigate from the Worship Center to the restrooms and nursery/toddler area without compromising the safety of our kids. We added a small vestibule inside the current Worship Center to create a temporary main entrance for the duration of construction. We also added a new entrance into the nursery/toddler area which will allow our adults to have access to the restrooms without walking through the nursery area.

Urban Forestry

  • The contractor will mark trees and install protective barrier before breaking ground.
  • Once the protective barrier is installed, the city will inspect.

Breaking Ground

  • The contractor has already contacted the excavation company and put Solid Rock on their schedule. We are approximately 2 weeks away from beginning the project.