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The Fall

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The Fall

The Fall

Series: The Gospel Story

Category: Gospel

Speaker: Jason Williams

In the sermon this past Sunday, we continued our journey through the Gospel story. We looked at the fall of humanity and the impact that sin had on our God-designed purpose for worship, community and mission. Through believing the lie of the serpent, Adam and Eve sinned by engaging in self-worship, the root of all sin. Once our worship was distorted, our community and our mission followed. Self-worship leads to self- centered community. When we are engaged in self-worship, we only engage in community as long as it’s comfortable and we perceive it to be beneficial. Self-worship also distorts our mission. When we are engaged in self-worship, we only engage in mission that makes us feel better about ourselves and we only help those who we perceive are in need.

Am I willing to fully engage in relationships in the church that aren’t easy or comfortable? Is there a part of the mission that God has called me to get involved in that I have been resistant to or completely avoided?