SR Kids

Nursery (10 & 11:45am services)

6 weeks - 3 years

Our baby and toddler classrooms are located in the nursery area, downstairs in the SR Kids building. We have separate classes for our infants and walkers under the age of 2 years. At 2 years old, we have a special toddler class where we begin to introduce truths about God with a fun and exciting curriculum!  


Pre-K - Kindergarten Class (10 & 11:45am services)

3 years - 5 years

Our Pre-K - Kindergarten class is an exciting time for these young kids to learn from God's Word, do crafts that reinforce the lesson and enjoy time with little friends. We have amazing volunteers that firmly believe in the truth of God's word and are gifted at helping young minds and hearts understand it.  Children must be potty-trained before moving to this class.


1st - 6th Grade Classes (10 & 11:45am services)

Our 1st-6th grade classes participate in large group and small group times in each service. Our large group time engages kids through worship in song, teaching, exciting skits and fun while learning about Christ. The small groups are all led by adult leaders and are divided up by 1st - 2nd, 3rd - 4th, and 5th - 6th grades. Small group time provides a smaller group in which kids can discuss the Biblical truths presented and apply it to their lives.



All volunteers have background checks and training. There are a minimum of two volunteers in each class and sometimes more, depending on the number of children in the class.



We have an electronic check-in system that you'll sign in on each Sunday. Two labels will print: one to be placed on the back of your child's shirt, and one that you'll keep. After the service, you will give your label to your child's teacher to pick them up. Security is one of our top priorities!

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