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Stone Cropped

Redemption Stories

We serve a mighty God that has the power to comfort the broken, heal the sick, restore marriages, break addictions, and call His children home.  These are a few of the Redemption Stories of how God is telling His story and moving in the lives of our Church Body.




Ryan Petschel

Ryan discusses God’s pursuit of him through his parents’ divorce, his own divorce, loss of his sister to suicide and effects of depression in his family.


Mac Grace

After hiding behind being a “Good Christian” for 10 years, Mac came to the realization that only God has the power to heal the hopelessness of self-reliance.


Weston Stephens

Weston gets introduced to the unconditional love of the Father through a guest pastor, healing prejudices and breaking free from his upbringing of having to earn affection.


Allie Lamb

Allie learns that good, Godly things can easily become idols but the love of the Father led her to repentance and redeemed her love for His people.


Ted & Becky Hemenway

Ted & Becky learned to trust in Jesus through a rocky marriage involving affairs and isolation.  They learned that as they each pursue God individually, they grow closer together and are able to find love again.


Erin Key

Erin struggled with theology on grace, salvation and God's favor.  God used the story of Abraham to reveal to her who He really is and lovingly lead her to redemption.


Kailey Riley

Kailey went to church with her grandparents when she was young, but struggled to have a relationship with Jesus.  As she was going through the trials of high school, she decided to go to church through the invitation of a friend, and God used that to call her to Him.


Brenna Rosales

Brenna knows all too well the suffering that abuse brings.  She comes to know and love Jesus as her Comforter and Healer through her friends inviting her to Young Life and the kindness of a teacher inviting her into their home.


Billy & Jo Warren

Billy & Jo share the struggles of faith, alcoholism and two near-death experiences.  As leaders of our church, this couple reflects God's faithfulness and commitment to His followers through the darkest of times.