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A Life of Worship

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A Life of Worship

Series: Acts - The Unstoppable Church

Category: Faith

Speaker: Jason Williams

In the sermon this past Sunday, we looked at Paul’s life of worship. Although we never see Paul singing songs to God, we know that he
lived his life in worship to the Lord. In Acts 27, as Paul sails through a dangerous storm, we see an illustration of what it looks like to live our lives in worship. Through Paul’s example, we see that worship is not based on the circumstances around us but is the posture of our hearts in the midst of our circumstances. In the middle of life’s storms, you can posture your heart in fear or you can posture your heart in trust. A life of worship is the posturing of your heart in gratitude, trust, surrender and affection towards God regardless of your circumstances.
Do you trust God and what He has planned for you?
Do you trust God in the midst of uncertainty the same way you trust Him in seasons of bless
Have you come to the place where you see all of your life, including the hard times and moments of suffering,as opportunities to worship?