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God's Infinite Wisdom

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God's Infinite Wisdom


Series: Worthy of Worship: The Book of Job

Category: Hope

Speaker: Jason Williams

In the sermon on Sunday, we looked at the connection between worshipping God and finding true wisdom. In Job 26, Job gives a summary of what man can do with his wisdom: Man can cut channels deep into the earth, and put an end to darkness, in order to bring precious metals and gems to the light. However, despite man’s best efforts, Job confessed that true wisdom cannot be found in the things of earth or within man’s own strength. God holds the knowledge of what man cannot understand. Only God cuts channels deep inside the heart of man, putting an end to the darkness inside hearts and bringing to light things that are precious. When we worship God in awe and reverence, we are declaring that God is superior to us in all things. Therefore, when He speaks, we are inclined to listen and to release our grip on the pride of our own wisdom. Our minds and hearts are then postured to receive wisdom from God. This section of the book of Job ends with a call to worship God for His incomprehensible and unsearchable nature.