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God's Mighty Power

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God's Mighty Power


Series: Worthy of Worship: The Book of Job

Category: Grace

Speaker: Jason Williams

In the sermon this past Sunday, we looked at the first half of God’s response to Job. In chapters 38-40, God calls Job to collect all of his good deeds and ready himself for questioning. God begins by revealing his power over all of creation, the sin of the wicked, and the darkness of death. He also reveals how all of creation exists in submission to God’s sovereign power. Then God asks Job to compare himself to God: Who is more Holy? Who has more power? Who has more glory? Who has the ability to judge sin? In the end, God reveals that Job doesn’t compare to the majesty and power of God and he is hopeless to save himself.

All of this points us to Jesus. Through Jesus’ perfect life, He displayed the holiness and righteousness of God. Through His miracles, He displayed his power over creation. Through his death, He displayed God’s righteous anger poured out on all sinners and, through his resurrection, He displayed His power over sin and death. Through everything, Jesus displayed His radiant glory and preeminence over all things. Everything about how God revealed himself to Job points us to the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. God was revealing to Job that He, and He alone, was worthy of praise and that He, and He alone, could save Job and redeem His life from the misery of his suffering.