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Jesus Sends the Least Likely

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Jesus Sends the Least Likely

Series: Sent

Category: The Mission

Speaker: Jason Williams

In the sermon this past Sunday, we looked at how Jesus calls the most unlikely people to become His most influential leaders. When Jesus called Saul, who later becomes known in the Bible as Paul, he was one of the leading persecutors of the church. While traveling with legal authorization to terrorize the church and arrest Jesus’ followers, Saul was radically stopped in his tracks by Jesus. As Saul was struck with blindness, his friends helped him into town where Jesus then called another unlikely person, Ananias, to go to Saul and pray with him. Despite the danger of being arrested, Ananias went to pray and Saul regained his sight and became a faithful follower of Jesus. Saul knew he had encountered the risen Christ and he immediately began to proclaim that Jesus was the Son of God to anyone who would listen. Both Saul and Ananias serve as perfect examples of how Jesus calls the most unlikely people to live a ‘sent’ life.