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The Son of Abraham

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The Son of Abraham

The Son of Abraham

Series: A Child Is Given

Category: Salvation

Speaker: Jason Williams

In the third sermon of the Advent series, A Son is Given, we looked at the significance of Jesus being called the Son of Abraham. The Apostle Paul saw a very deep and profound connection between Jesus and Abraham and, according to Paul, this was the center of the Gospel. He even mentions that when God made his original promise to Abraham in Genesis 12, God was “preaching the Gospel beforehand” to Abraham and because Abraham believed God, it was credited to him as righteousness. This is the center of the Gospel message: by faith in Jesus, sinners are made righteous. Abraham was considered perfectly righteous before God, not because of what he did but because of whom he believed in. Jesus was born as the Son of Abraham to fulfill all that God had promised to us through Abraham, that He would bless us by sending to us a righteousness that can only be attained by faith. This is the true gift of Christmas.

How did God fulfill His promise to make Abraham’s name great and bless all other families through him? Have you truly received the righteousness that can only come from believing in Jesus?