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Series: SR Vision

Category: The Church

Speaker: Jason Williams

As we kicked off the SR Vision sermon series this past Sunday, we began by looking at what worship truly is and what it has to do with God’s work in transforming our lives. With New Year’s Resolutions fresh on our minds, most of us have been evaluating the changes we want to see in our lives in 2018. As we seek positive change, we need to remember that true change doesn’t come from behaving differently; it comes from beholding the glory of God. WE can’t change US. We are only changed by beholding something better, something more beautiful, something more powerful. If you truly want to behave differently, you need to be wiling to behold differently: to think deeply about the holiness of God, to behold the majesty of His beauty, and to be overwhelmed and overcome with His goodness in your life.

What are the areas of your life that you truly want to see changed in 2018? In what ways can you position your life to be a reflection of God’s glory to the world around you?