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At Solid Rock, our greatest desire is to share with you the hope we have in Jesus.  We have discovered that without the grace of God and his work in our lives, we are desperate and broken.  Every effort on our own strength to fix our brokenness only further reveals how desperate we are.  The harder we try to be good, the more we fail.  Without God’s help, we are stuck in our sin.

But God, being rich in mercy, has sent Jesus to rescue us from our sins.  Jesus has accomplished all that we can’t and He has earned God’s favor on our behalf.  The message of the cross is that God loves us, and he has done the unthinkable to save us. God met us where we are by sending his son to put on our skin and walk our journey.  He tasted our tears, experienced our sorrows, endured our suffering and died our death.  At the cross, Jesus took the ugliness of our sin upon himself.  When we turn to Jesus, he embraces us like a father embraces a child who has been lost.  God’s relentless love isn’t turned away by the ugliness of our sins, addictions, rebellion or doubts.  His love pierces through the darkness, and he fills our lives with hope unlike any other hope we have ever known.  The hope we have in him is based on his love for us.  His love never gives up on us, never turns away from us in embarrassment and never leaves us.  His love is a forever and unconditional love.

To be honest, there isn't anything about any of us that is worthy enough to earn God's love.  We haven’t done anything to deserve it, and we can do nothing to repay it.  That’s what makes it “grace.”  Grace is how we describe God’s unmerited favor.  You can’t do anything to earn it.  It’s free.  This is what we want you to know more than anything else. 

We want you to know how to begin a relationship with Jesus and receive this amazing love.  God is offering His love to you and all that he requires in return is faith.  That’s it.  By truly believing in Jesus as the Son of God, who has died on the cross and rose from the dead to remove our sins and give us hope, God heals our brokenness.  By trusting in Jesus and Jesus alone, your past is undone and your future is secured.  The moment you believe and turn to him, Jesus restores all that has been lost and removes every scar of shame and guilt.  God’s salvation is complete and permanent.  His grace is powerful enough to reach your deepest and darkest moments, and he removes them all.  There isn’t a sin far enough back in your past that God won’t reach with his forgiveness.  By trusting in Jesus, the old you is gone and everything about you is made new.

If you decided to give your life to Jesus today and trust him with your salvation, we want to know.  Please take a moment to let us know about your decision by filling out the form below. 

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